9 Helpful Moving Tips

Moving can sometimes be a hassle but with a few helpful tips, the process can become much easier. Formulating a list of tips and methods to make your packing and moving process as convenient as possible.

Sometimes moving can be much more simple if you pack things that are essential to you which means getting rid of items you may not want or need. As you are packing it is always ideal to sort items that you may or may not want so as to keep track and decide on if and how you will want to get rid of them. Things that are unwanted or that can be easily replaced are usually ideal for discarding to make more room for essential belongings. One of the most common options many people go with is donating things that they may not want or need. This way it can be of use to someone else instead of discarding or throwing items in the trash. Donating large items as well such as furniture can also help maximize space before loading property onto the moving truck.

It is imperative to keep track of all your important documents and paperwork. Not every piece of paper may be needed during the move or at the new moving location even after having settled in the following weeks or months. Keeping important documents such as legal paperwork, certificates, identification, or new address information in one easily accessible place is essential to being able to keep track of during the move. It is often recommended that as well as keeping these important documents in one place, you should pack and move them yourself. This minimizes the chances of important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports being damaged or lost while moving. It is probably best not to pack the documents in a box but rather in a safe place such as the glovebox of your car.

Oftentimes if you are moving either right after purchasing a new home, moving to a new city, state, or all of the above, it is possible that you will have several weeks or more of preparation time to get things ready for your move. It is ideal that you take this time to start the sorting and packing process as early as possible. It also gives you plenty of time to take care of any last-minute necessities and any necessary cleaning. Starting as early as possible makes the moving process go by much more quickly and conveniently. This tip can be extremely useful when beginning your packing and many find it can make the move go by quicker than they expected. We all know the stress that comes with the hassle of packing and moving so following this tip can help to alleviate some of that stress.

When doing the moving yourself it is always ideal that you rent or use a truck with a ramp to help with the loading/unloading of larger items such as furniture or appliances. You also want to make sure you get a fairly large-sized truck with plenty of room according to the quantity and size of items you intend to move as a preferable alternative to having to take multiple trips in smaller-sized vehicles. Using a truck with a ramp is the best option when moving because of the convenience it allows for moving large items. This makes the moving process less time-consuming and less physically and mentally demanding. There are tons of ways to make moving easier and being able to rent or use a large moving truck with a ramp is one of the best possible methods.

Using appropriately sized boxes when packing your belongings for the move is crucial for conserving as much space as possible for a much easier move. Many people understand how it may not be the best idea to just throw what you can into the nearest box until it's full. There are several packing methods regarding what types of boxes are best for certain items. Some boxes such as wardrobe boxes are designed specifically to contain clothing by keeping them on hangers inside the box making it incredibly convenient for the mover when loading and unloading. Heavy items are recommended to be placed in multiple separate boxes for convenience while smaller lighter objects should ideally be placed in big boxes for an easier move.

Saving the essentials for last can be a good option for keeping track of items that are more important to you. This makes it easier to keep an eye on them and minimize the chances of them being lost or mishandled while also allowing you to use them all the way up until the day of the move. This is reserved for items that you use and touch every day that you absolutely cannot go without such as shower curtains, bedding, dishes, utensils, and any heavily utilized cookware. Most people recommend this tip due to the convenience of use until you’re ready to move as well as the easy transition once you arrive at the new destination. People often pack away essential items too soon and accidentally misplace them such as phone chargers and other electronics that they may need.

Labeling boxes appropriately by the description of contents such as kitchen, bedroom, and garage, as well as an accurate and specific description of the contents, is a very convenient way to locate certain items and help with a more easy unpacking process. This tip is highly recommended as most people pack by room. Labeling the boxes as you go is convenient for when you unpack at your new destination. Try labeling the boxes with specific descriptions as to the contents to the best of your ability so that you not only know which room or area it goes in but are able to more easily know where to find the particular space for the contents to go. This one tip is probably one of the most essential steps to making the moving process as easy and convenient as possible.

Taking your time and packing one room at a time is a great way to make the process as least stressful as possible. While a lot of people may find it more practical to pack as much as they can in one sitting, this adds unnecessary stress and can potentially overwhelm you physically and mentally. It is perfectly fine to take your time and even take breaks if needed to minimize stress. Packing one room at a time ensures packing efficiency while allowing you to pay closer attention to detail. This tip coincides with the recommendation that you start packing as early as possible. By doing this you can allow yourself several weeks or so to take your time packing room by room. Always remember to never overwhelm yourself and pack at a pace that isn’t too much for you.

Preparing a moving checklist is another way to guarantee convenience and efficiency. Sometimes creating a list is a great way to act as a written reminder as to what you made need before, during, or even after a move. Things you might find on these types of lists include certain tasks such as hiring movers or renting moving trucks, buying packing supplies, turning on utilities, making key copies if needed, having your new home cleaned, and things that may need to be purchased for the new home, as well as tasks for the house you’re moving from such as cleaning, or making new keys for the next owner. Having a moving checklist not only makes you more prepared but also is yet another way to alleviate as much stress of the moving process as possible.

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